By: Teodora Ćurčić



According to financial reports, the Movement of Socialists has for years had only one headquarters - in Belgrade. However, CINS can reveal that Minister Aleksandar Vulin’ party has boards all over Serbia, that it pays rent, but does not report those expenses.

Towards the end of 2021, during one of the most massive protests in Serbia and roadblocks caused by Rio Tinto’s potential arrival, protesters in Novi Sad broke glass on the premises of the Movement of Socialists (PS) and took the party flag. A picture of party leader and Interior Minister Aleksandar Vulin had been on the broken window.

The party described this as “a mob attack and an attempted lynching”.

“The Movement of Socialists will continue to be in its premises next Saturday, free of fear from thugs, defending the freedom of Novi Sad and the citizens of Novi Sad,” a press release on PS’s website reads.

However, what the public was not aware of was that the party, judging by its financial reports, does not even rent these premises.

Documents obtained by the Center for Investigative Journalism of Serbia (CINS) show that the Movement of Socialists has been paying rent for their use for years but has never reported these expenses in its reports to the Anti-Corruption Agency.

The Novi Sad premises are not the only example. An investigation carried out by CINS reveals that this year, the party has been paying rent for boards in several places across Serbia, but those expenses have remained hidden.

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